Light is everywhere .. within everyone and everything. Light is the secret behind the Pyramids, Crystals, a Healer, why we eat and even why we sleep. Light has been given many names a few of which are Manna, Prana, Pneuma, Ki, Vital Energy, Life Force, The Force, Ruah and Reiki. For our Earth, Light mainly comes down through the Suns rays. It originates from the heart of God which also has many names such as The Great Spirit, The Sun Behind The Sun and The Great Central Sun.

A clairvoyant observation of light. It was a very clear and bright sunny day as I was working on a small roof attached to a church. I stopped for a short break as sitting on the roof and gazed out over the fields nearby. I went into a meditative state and saw everywhere in the air and landscape a dense white fog. I cleared my thoughts and eyes, looked again a few times to find the fog still there. I had already known about light and have had many similar clairvoyant experiences but this was the first I had seen light on a large scale. Being up high on the roof I could see it for miles and miles.

Photos of light. Here are a few of my energy photographs (light) taken between a period of about 12 years. At first I thought perhaps that I had moved the camera while I was taking a photo, causing the light in the background to streak. To see if this were so, I went out and purposely took pictures while moving the camera to try and create this effect but only ended up with blurred photos and no streaks or signs of any light at all.

This is the corner section of a photo I took of a friend, cropped and enlarged for a better view. Though it’s true that trees are my friends, the friend that I am referring to is not shown.

The day I took this photo it was a normal sunny day. My son and I were out for a hike and I had him stand on a small wooden bridge in a forest. I took two shots and we began to walk onward when I realized I may have forgotten to wind the film. We went back and stood in about the same spots and this is what came out. After getting the film back I saw that I had indeed double exposed the first two shots which came out clear and without any light. This one was, as you can see, filled with light. Though you can make out some of the wooden bridge railing, my son is next to impossible to find.

This photo was taken in a museum which has stuffed birds and animals. Notice the energy coming in through the left window at the top and from the window to the right (not shown) where it flows down over a shelf and table.


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Spiritual clairvoyant. The light that you live is the truth that you give.