The Mermaid

In early 1996 I went with a couple of friends (Sean and Tassos) on a major drift wood collecting expedition to the west coast of Scotland. We filled the car (It was not impressed – well we did have some two foot diameter tree stumps) and on return covered most of the floor space of my dining room with the bits. My friend Joan arrived up as we got back. Sean wanted to be introduced to the dining room water spirit so Joan helped facilitate this for him. However when he started to describe what he was seeing – a dark haired woman with seagulls flying around her head. Well! I thought – that’s definitely not my water spirit. It turned out that we had somehow managed to bring a mermaid back with all the wood from the beach. The four of us each took time to stand in her energy and commune with her. It was immediately obvious that she was not happy. This was because although she is a higher dimensional being she was not in her optimum environment – that is her equivalent of our sea. We called in light beings and between us we transported her back to her own environment. One of the reasons we could do this was that Tassos was incredibly linked to the ocean. When we discussed this it turned out that he was conscious of swimming with the whales during sleep and (much to the consternation of his girl friend) would often wake with a bed wet with sea water in the morning. Tassos had had many incarnations as a sea based spirit and as a whale (what a surprise!). So, although he was not into any of this, he immediately linked into the mermaid and was our main facilitator in getting her home. In fact his connection was so strong with her environment that we had to frog march him around the room for about twenty minutes to bring him back from his journey with her. I visited the mermaid in energy form a few times in the weeks following. When we explored this incident we were told that it had been set up as part of our education. It greatly facilitated Tassos to get his own awareness and connections into perspective and made him more comfortable and accepting about it. Interestingly enough he now has a research job on a Greek island looking after Monk seals.

I have had many incarnations as a nature spirit, from being the smallest fairy right through to Pan and almost everything in between. Whenever I go out into the woods I am surrounded by a multitude of my friends from this other realm. Its great fun. Multidimensional nature is vast. About half the people who come to my communication workshops find that they have had incarnations as a nature spirit. We are not separate from these other realms, we are intimately connected to them in many different ways. You begin to get connected and are willing to work with divine spirit the situations that they can set up for our education and experience are amazing. The creative moments that they facilitate are awe inspiring and magical. Spirits are, as much as other beings on the other levels actively helping us here in our awakening and unfoldment. We are them and they are us – all are one. Our actions here on earth have more of a direct effect on the nature spirit realm. The reverse is also true. Hence we have stronger direct links with them than with other beings while we are here.

Traveler On The Path