Traveler On The Path was originally “SteppingStones … on the path to light” created in 1997. With a few improvements and some old content removed it was changed to this site “Traveler on the Path” in August 2009.
We hope that you enjoy what has been shared by fellow Travelers.

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Traveler on the Path

He is one who traverses the less traveled path of reality. In the physical realm, he attunes to his true identity and home of his birth whilst learning and sharing the energies of universal love and wisdom. Known to the many as a light being and his self an equal, a lover of all life.

The earth, his temporary home, he stands with feet placed beneath the tree of life, rooted in the heavens. Multidimensional is his work and often does he respond to the call of assist, for others who search to rise above.


About Healing Temple of the Angels
by David

In the autumn of 1997 I was visited by several Cherub Angels. They appeared as they have several times to me, just like those paintings you might see of baby faces with wings (no bodies). Not what I would expect to see at all but as I have been told this is how they are… small, child-like yet spiritually powerful. They guided me to create a prayer page as another means by which others may be linked to the healing love of God through the assistance of Angels.

One day while working on the page, which was still in it’s beginning stages, I had some doubts. I thought… it’s certainly not a new idea to make a prayer page.. will it make any difference? .. maybe I should just skip it and work on… … suddenly, in front of my desk, Gabriel appeared before me. No words were spoken between us, just smiles along with my dazed look. Needless to say, I was then reassured of its value… and will always remain so.

Over time I’ve developed a greater awareness seeing and hearing beyond the physical. But receiving guidance is in no way limited to a gifted or developed person. We all receive guidance (knowingly or unknowingly) now and then from a Guardian Angel or other spirit helper.

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