The Spiritual Significance of The Millennium

There is something happening that is beyond my realm of definition. It isn’t beyond my belief, it just defies me to create words to describe it. I believe that a shift is taking place on the planet.

I rarely watch any television newscasts, read newspapers or listen to the radio anymore. I find the information that comes at me is sometimes profoundly negative and most often touches me deeply with the anxiety it creates throughout the universe. But try as I do, I am not unaffected by the intensity of world events.

My view is that the world is indeed in a crisis type of situation. It’s not the doomsday, “the world is coming to an end”, type of crisis but more of a human emotional/spiritual crisis. How long can we possibly go on at the pace we have been keeping. North America has set a breakneck rhythm that is barely tolerably. People are in chaos. They are running out of places of refuge to rekindle their souls. They are exhausted from the bombardment of the millennium hype and what it could bring into their lives.

The message I keep hearing is fear. The fear is so rampant that acts of unspeakable terror are occurring everywhere. Tragedies are devouring our minds as we try to realize the incredible toll taken for violence and natural disasters. Fear – it can paralyze us into immobility or it can trigger us into destructive reactions. I know it is doing both.

I’ve heard many people talk about the impact that the year 2000 will have for those who believe in spirituality. That being, those who believe that we are all connected to a powerful source of energy that is often unseen. This energy is sometimes called God, The Light, The Universe, All That Is or Higher Power. I use some of these terms myself. I want to share what I feel is happening.

It’s important that I clarify that my feelings come from a knowing. For me, a knowing is when a message comes into my consciousness and it’s clarity touches me at the depth of my soul. It’s almost as if I have always “known” this thought and it has now surfaced into my consciousness. In spite of what I hear from others I continually hear a message from within. It’s a message of love and hope that infuses me and is not created from a basis of longing or fear. The word love has been used so much it has often been overlooked as a cliché. As part of the shift, I believe the word love is now being elevated to a place of purpose, a reason for living, a focal point to set our internal compasses on.

Just think about it. If every thought, word, action were motivated by love, coming from a point of love, what would be different in our world? What would be different in your world?

Globally, I feel that people have reached a spiritual turning point. In the past, acknowledgement of a strong spiritual base has had two opposing stands. One, it has not been fashionable to appear vulnerable to an unseen power especially in a world where we idolize those with power. Two, the alternative, it has been very trendy to be on the “spiritual bandwagon” and joining forces with yet another movement that many fear because of it’s focus on truth. Neither of these behaviors will serve any purpose in the next millennium.

I feel that people are starting to recognize that it’s time to start the journey or, for those already begun, to continue the journey into their relationship with the universal power. It’s a journey that is done quietly and with reverence to oneself. It is the journey to personal awareness and truth. It is the search, in essence, for who we are.

Although we can share some of the experiences with others we must ultimately do it alone. We cannot risk being swept away by someone else’s truth – it must be our own. It is our journey, our path. We need to find our own singular connection and see how it translates into our lives. We need to understand once and for all why we are here and how we can serve humanity. It can only be done individually. And that’s okay, for we are never alone – we always have the love and support of the ultimate energy source. We also know how to love and support each other without interference. We do know that we can safely set boundaries and respect those of others.

I know that my own journey has been long and at first lonely. I had no idea that several years later as I write this, loneliness is not even a consideration in my life. I have a spiritual connection that is always available to me whether I am consciously addressing it or not. That is where a spiritual journey has taken me and now I feel around me the shift in others as they start to ask questions and share with each other in a way that hasn’t been possible in the past.

The New Millennium is opening doors for us. The excitement is genuine because the madness is coming to an end and peace is on the doorstep. There won’t be big bangs or cosmic fireworks on New Years Eve. The changes will occur over time as people stop the internal chaos and look to the place that has craved for attention all of their lives. They will look for the answers in the pure and undeniable home of truth. They will look within.

Daryl Clarke

Traveler On The Path