What are you choosing?

Are you happy with your life? Would it surprise you to hear that you have created everything in it? We call this manifestation. Consciously or subconsciously we manifest all that is in our life and all that our belief system conveys. As co-creators of our lives, we can create positive or negative experiences, attracting beneficial or toxic people into our personal realm. According to the Law of Physics, for every action there is an equal and opposite reaction. This means for every thought, word, and/or action there is a guaranteed equal effect. We are beings of energy projecting energy to the Universe and, much like a computer, the Universe reads our core beliefs and projects them right back to us in situations and opportunities we call our reality.

“Each one of us today is the result of the use he has made of the Law, either consciously or unconsciously.” “What we now have and experience is the result of what we have thought; and the answer to what we shall be is contained in what we are now thinking.”

-Ernest Holmes
Science of Mind

Identify yourself as a victim and the Universe provides you with the opportunity to experience your belief. Identify yourself as abundant and the Universe provides you with this experience. This is the power that we all innately have, whether we choose to act for our own benefit is another issue. Look within and become aware of your core beliefs and identify your self-limitations. God finds joy in blessing us, it is our choice to deny these blessings or to welcome them in gratitude. Personally, I had to step back and examine my life and the environment I created. Was I happy, and if not, what was my belief system? Great Spouse, check; wonderful children, check; quick temper, check; adequate to limited funds, check. hmmmm…What was wrong with this life experience? Okay, I had to delve into parts of me that I thought were rehabilitated. I guess you can imagine the surprise I felt when I finally realized I chose my temper. As a child I learned how to parent with a flash temper. This behavior was demonstrated repeatedly, and feeling frustrated, this was my coping style. I am not proud of this behavior, but nonetheless, I chose to carry it into my adulthood, rather than to actively find an alternative. I chose my adequate to limited funds also. This one confused me. I wanted to experience financial ease and success…so why didn’t I manifest the material comforts? After much deliberation and study, I realized “to want” and “to have” are different experiences. The Universe was simply projecting my belief of “wanting” right back to me. I found myself constantly wanting. I must add here that some may feel distracted on their spiritual journey by material comfort. This is honored by the Universe. I choose, personally, to experience every joy and blessing God is handing out. However, please understand I view material comfort as a blessing and not a need. You may ask “What about the starving children in third world countries? Did they choose their hunger?” I’ll attempt to answer in two parts:

First, It is my belief before our souls enter the earthly plane we make an agreement with God regarding some of life’s major challenges and enlightenment opportunities. We may choose to overcome a physical handicap or win the lottery. For these souls this is their opportunity to increase their understanding. Secondly, when a child is raised amongst a mass consciousness of hunger this is his/her reality and belief system…that there is not enough. We must, in a certain respect, become otherworldly to overcome mass consciousness. As Christ said ask and it shall be given, all we need is faith the size of a mustard seed resulting in changed perception. This opens our power of complete transformation. We must also deal with the responsibility this entails. So now I am currently changing my life through changing my beliefs. This is not to manipulate God into getting what I want (an impossibility), this is changing your perception regarding your life. I had to think long and hard about my beliefs and realize I carried with me beliefs I wasn’t aware I had even packed. Happiness, Joy and Success must be found within. There is not a single external force that can help you achieve the genuine article.

I am lovable and attract love.

I am patient and demonstrate it daily.

I am abundant in every way, including financially, and welcome God’s blessings.

This is the life of my choosing. We are co-creators. What are you choosing?

“Fromthestars.com There is no limit to what mankind can create using the power of the mind and the gift of free will.”