Adamantine cloak

Enlightens, celestial messages missions high
Realization,feathered calmness, absolute resolution
Being able to feel the auras love, each given care
Each lad in wavering sails there

Blessings charka azure lightening
Kept in echoes of the soul, light workers borne
Empathy to ones free will
Cherubim, seraphim awayness, golden panoply

Elutriations lost souls, dawning hills
Journeys to angels song
Cannot find the open door, who shall flee?
Spiritual Constance, his adamantine cloak, forseen

Pure , happiness, joy, laughter returns
Light in remembering heart soul
Awakens the mind, body spirit
Visible released in mythos joy and passion
My angel

With firm battalion his helm is protected with Arch Angel Michael
Under signet with wings to flee
All souls shall be welcomed
To Gods Door