Angels Speak

There stood little girl unafraid do the darkness to come , dear angels
She gazed out her window unknown what was to become, whispering wings
She reached her little hands above her head, singing to Jesus instead, not being afraid of anything
By now the the skies filled with beauty of angels coming to earth , by her side

The heavens opened the portals of footprints , to glimpse the world of heaven to her
She smiled not cried for she knew in her days would be safe , to share
The lighted buckets filled with omnibus lights of colors
Then came a small hand to hold hers she wasn’t alone, for the wings exquisite about her she smiled

Someone would be coming my mama said Ill miss you , soft vesper heard
I wished though I would have more time to say goodbyes Lord
The littlest angels stopped and said to her , fear not will take you to the place , you ask God
She smiled and thought I’m not afraid I have angels instead

It seemed the whole valley where she stood lit up for her leaving wasn’t sad but a rejoice to all
The littlest cherub gathered roses to spread on her wings to come
She sighed , wings of hope, my gardens prayers
She prepared for journey leaving , signs could be heard everywhere

Then as the heavens burning majestic lights appeared
She walked in the halls they surely cheered
Something must have made god move to the little girl
The tears welled so hard in her throat, she smiled as he wrote

Dear little angel one, I heard the prayers
You have traveled in light to seek for hundreds everywhere
I shall grant the last wish with wings of speed to bring back to the home you have known
You are my child healed I’m sending you home

Enchantment filled her days to come
Beauty and grace within each prayer for all she prayed
Crowns of gems she filled each portal with Gods love to all she met in her life
But one thing she could never forget the day God healed her little heart to share
Traveler On The Path