Astral Entity

Once I dreamt the rarest dream
Where mortal cares grew dim
I knew not more than was that world
T’was a dream of me and him

We played among the oceans vast
And climbed the mountains high
Flew among the falcon’s flight
And touched a crystal sky

Two trembling hearts had beat as one
Two souls so thick entwined
Where love so pure and rare existed
As the only of it’s kind

As one we were the light of stars,
The beams from forth the moon,
The source of life in all that world,
…Yet I awoke too soon.


Things yet unsaid, things yet undone
A fraught heart in despair
For chances lost the waking cost
Was more than it could bear

By morning’s dawn two shaking hands
Held clasped upon a weary head
Tried not to let the wet of tears
Descend upon an empty bed

And with the coming of each night
In the dark a desperate plea
That when sleep would enrapture
I’d feel him next to me

But only passes bitter time
And in the dark a haunting face
For once I had the rarest dream
And long now for that place
Traveler On The Path