Be Encouraged

Sometimes along our journey,
We tend to stumble and fall.
We become so distracted,
That we fail to hear our call.
Sometimes the pressures encountered,
Alter our Christian walk;
And instead of being led into the light,
We enter into the dark.

Now glory be to God,
Who looks pasts our faults,
Who searches the depth and the height,
of our troubled hearts.
He extends His loving kindness,
Despite our sinful ways;
And because of His mercy,
He’ll never leave or forsake.

He’s able to make the crooked to straight,
And doubters to believe.
He’s able to take broken spirits;
And use them powerfully.
He’s able to nurture a mustard seed,
of faith and make it grow;
He’s able to make even the hardest of hearts,
As soft as pillows.

I encourage you today to press through tribulations;
To triumph over despair and stop placing limitations;
On our Heavenly Father, who can make a way out of no way,
Who can be our strength when we’re hardest hit;
And can make peace in the midst of pain.

Open up your hearts to God’s power and receive,
Him as your personal saviour and trust that He will relieve;
You from the wiles of the devil, who steals, kills, and robs;
And know we can do all things through Christ who strengthens us.
Traveler On The Path