Brodys’s angel

Souls aspire to heavens portal, healing calm
windows of frosted glass peer gently through
Magical lights surround each Celeste ivory painted pew
Corners filled with musical cherubs playing lutes

Beautiful harps stood on the pillars magnetic tiled flooring
Crowed voices heard in distance preparing for the new years choir
Laced charming symphonies gathered in The main hall to practice tirelessly
Melodies could be heard as the angels sang there words

Echoes were heard by each universes , many could hear the angels
If you were asleep you were awakened by the sounds of love
With each heart they send the chorus once again
To help all believing angels , beauty and each other then

The music was in alleluias sang teaching in the heavens
Songs were chimed
Numbers and pages added as each one would shared meanings

Deborah Shepard