Confession from above

When paths collide
and crossroads begin
The soul ids thrown in mayhem
Decisions we make
Can alter the tide
But the span is short and narrow

We cross the tides to find ourselves
But do we really achieve this
The path is straight, but branches wide
And always seems to deceive us

The hurt we feel from lifetime to lifetime
Is only but a second
The lessons we learn to carry us home
Reminds us the damage is undone

The special souls that come our way
Are there to help us along
In times of dark and in times of light
We know we are not alone

Some seek salvation
Some seek Love
Some are lost to their own
If only they could see the way
Which would lead them all home

A persons presence is all that is needed
Words they go unspoken
The light shines out for them to feed
To awaken the hidden soul

For when that happens
A new light shines
Brighter then the heavens
The greatest gift you can give someone
The door that leads to home

Some of us are nothing but tools
Trying to relay a message
Take the time to teach them well
Even if if falls on deaf ears

For sometime in the future
Event will trigger this time
And they will remember
The tool that lead them home

The lost souls we collect on our way
Is nothing but a ladder
NO soul better then the next
Your job a healing hand to help up the next step

The beauty that shines from within
Will only be seen by a few
Look for the eye that penetrates the soul
And feed the heart with love

For those are the soulmates sent from above
To remind you of your purpose
Those are the soulmates
You’ll remember with LOVE
And meet again someday
Traveler On The Path