Be passionate enough to need to
Be bold enough to care
Be strong enough to stand it
And be dumb enough to dare
Fight because you want to and indifference has no hold
Fight because you love, you yearn to never feel that cold
It needs to be shown, the person that’s inside
The one who can’t live knowing that somewhere a child cries

Be vulnerable enough to show it
Be fragile enough to break
Be devoted enough to realize
That faith is what it takes
Fight because it’s what’s required to keep what is shared
Fight because it is your right to restore what you feel is there
There is no sense in pretending, within you it resides
It’s the nature of the gifts you’re given and from that you cannot hide

Fight for the small and fight for the meek
Fight for the innocent and fight for the weak
Fight for the cause you know is there
Fight for the love you have the right to bare
Fight for the wisdom to see what you’re shown
Fight for the courage to fix what’s been torn
Traveler On The Path