Look! Do you see?

Look! Do you see?
The tree so big and strong
And the bird that flies
So graciously
And sings a lovely song

There are fluffy clouds
And big blue sky
And sunshine bright and warm
And a rainbow is so beautiful
On the parting of a storm

When snowflakes flutter to the ground
All seems pure and bright
And trees in autumn
With changing colors
Is such a wonderous sight

But all these things
Cannot compare
With He who made them all
And there is yet a more wonderful thing
He who died for us does call

To forsake our lives
and follow Him
On a path that many don’t know
Yet on this very narrow path
It’s sure that we must go

He can help you find it
He is so very wise
He knows the path that no fowl knoweth
That escapes the vulture’s eye
Traveler On The Path