Love At First Sight

The moment our eyes first met
the world lit up for the first time
in a crowded place you shone so bright
I knew you would be mine
I had never seen a smile
until I had seen your face
our hearts were instantly one
our spirits, they danced away in space.

In the moment our Hearts were locked
with feeling, so soon and so deep
until you came into my life
I know my Soul was asleep
so magnetically we flew
in the furthest depths of love
I felt the Angels looking down on us
with glowing smiles above
I believe that they had planned it
to make our dull hearts beam
to heal our injured souls
and make our Spirits gleam.

So hypnotically we fell in love
and our minds became just one
we left all our pain behind us
and walked together in the sun
your love to me is like oxygen
that I had never breathed before
I know without doubt it was for you
that I had been born for.

I could never be in this world without you
and you always say it too
a love so beautiful as ours
this love that is so true
together we so lovingly adore
and much pleasure as our souls explore
We will Always be Forever
We Are Forevermore.

Patrick Driscoll