I have spent months searching for my path
My days have been filled a multitude of sensations
All of them confusing as my search

I have meditated with Buddhists
And I have gone to church with family
I have gone to new churches alone

But, I haven’t found my way yet
I wonder if I ever will
The trip has taken a lifetime of twists and turns

I am learning about faith and prayer
About letting go of hard things in my life
I am embracing the natural world as a creation

I am trying to come to terms with abuse in my past
I am letting go of the fear, hate, and pain
But it is hard when things are hidden

I pray every night to the Creator of this world
To help me find my way through this life
To bring peace into this world and understanding

To brighten the world a little with my own life
To be an example of patience and calm
Every day I get a little closer to the way
Traveler On The Path