The Spider Web

Looking out the window
Something awesome I did see
An iridescent spider web
Was right there before me

Early morning sunlight,
Burning through the haze,
Under the canopy,
Such a sight it did amaze

Spanish moss draped randomly
Cascading like sage colored lace,
Swaying and dancing gracefully
Creating a dream like space

A single long stemmed purple rose,
There clung a silver strand
Standing out majestically
Held gently in Gods hands

Tranquility comes over me
As I submit to God
I realize how great Thou art
In the early morning fog

Seeing the tiny artist
God created with these skills
Opened my eyes to appreciate
Simplicity without frills

Costing not a single cent
Like objects made by man
That have price tags upon them
To impress neighbors at hand

A very small green spider
Came crawling with-in sight
The early morning sun rays
Turning darkness into light

Early morning song birds
Singing songs of praise
Lovingly to our Creator
In the early morning haze

Giving a standing ovation
To the birds and spider of green
For creating a place to escape to
A place so divine and serene

Traveler On The Path