True Being

Deranged is she
Who stalks the people she wishes to be
Fantasizing what life would be like in the shoes of her obsession
She has no leash she is let loose into the world to seize a possession
A new life is what she beseeches
Stalking and pursuing the heedless
How sad this girls life must be
To want something she never will be
Acceptance is what she strives for
Among her onlookers she is nothing more
Than a carpet to which they walk on
Trampling whatever dreams she had are now gone
Suffering more and more buffoonery
She begins to detach herself from all normalcy
Taking into herself all the pain and anger
She begins to make a counter
Slipping away from this dream world
She begins to come into her own
Realizing the beauty and power in which she beholds
Unleashing the old
And capturing the new
She feels as though she has grown
And become the beautiful person in which she was meant to be
No longer does she wish to be someone else that is not she
She is beautiful to whomever the onlooker
No matter what they may see
She is beautiful to you and me
Amy Zoltek