Your Life in My words

Life is a vessel great and beautiful,
Beautiful like the air you breath, the ocean you swim in, the flowers you smell, and the lady bug that is on your nose,
Great like friends, family, babies, rainbows, birthdays, balloons, weddings, and more,
Your life is like a flower that grows from a tiny send and flurishes into a beautiful rose,
Your what makes the world turn without you the workd would stop the animals would die and then the world would be empty cause your not around,
The oceans flooded the world, making it a water world were no life is to be seen,
Your life is the vessel that keeps the world alive,
God says it’s not time for you to leave he says he still has plans for you and all of your needs,
Life is and will always be a vessel,
We all need a vessel to live for.
Traveler On The Path