The Dream Catcher

PIt of course catches dreams,
Dreams never really mean what they seem.

Some say it’s just an old Indian myth,
Some people at night like to have it with.

So the story goes, bad dreams are captured and disappear in the morning sunlight.

I like my dream catcher above me while I sleep so I can have a restful night.

It’s one of my treasures, it destroys every nightmare.

With this little dream web, in your sleep you never have to be cautious and aware.

With a dream catcher you will never see frightening things,
You will fly upon butterflies wings.


Her creamy silhouette, afire in lavender
Upon the turquoise sea
Where she returns to find lost love;

On the calm island, I sit, watching her sway,
Longing to caress each strand of her golden hair.
For the first time in centuries, my girl has returned to find me,

My heart, blissful…blazing in fiery joy.

Yesterday’s Dreams

My dreams meander from the emerald meadow,
Where daffodils and daisies blaze the ember of gloom,
To the city that blossoms in lavender joy.
Each moment of the past gleams like cyan stars,
Then disappears into the vortex of Galaxy
like the hasty comets.
I sail behind my sweet dreams,
Reaching for every drop of memory they leave in the dark universe;
I sail back into the past,
Forever gone from existence.

The Lonesome Dream Catcher

I catch my dream from the tearful cloud,
Watching it bloom into the indigo sea;
I catch my dream from the resting sea,
Listening to each wave howl;
I catch my dream from the waves,
Tasting the saltiness as they rise above my world;
I catch my dream from a world where love bites,
Ever feeling lonesome without my love.

Heaven and Earth

Beyond the trees a lone bridge stands
Arching graciously between the lands;
Its cold hard stone shall never cease
To bring forth, one’s eternal peace.

Through its form, there flows a stream
Its beauty borrowed, to later dream;
On its banks, a thousand flowers
God’s creations, infinite powers.

High above, when clouds touch hands
A shower of diamonds upon the lands;
Why seek shelter from the heavens above?
A sign from God and his endless love.

When night falls and the eye cannot see
One might reflect ‘Was that all for me?’
But nature provides for all living things
From the poorest men to the richest kings.

So please remember, when you wander the fields
What the Lord gives and all that it yields;
For when we are taken from this mortal coil
Our bodies committed to the earth and the soil.