Robed and hooded figures
stand their vigil through the night
so long the light
has all but been forgotten
but for stars
so long the season of outrageous fortune
ages from despair
prophecy a threadbare cloak
pulled close against the cold
until as if by magic bid
though only sight unseen
or unrecalled
the sky glows honey green
and crimson spheres
imprint a spiral of reflections on
eyes opened to the dawn
memories beyond the future
cast off the garments of not free
no longer silhouettes, we
but brilliant suns
the suddens of epiphany

The Past

The heart I carry
no more can suffer
and loneliness has been alone

I must look for the light
pray today becomes the past
and tomorrow is the present


My cup runnith over
with the blood of my sins
strangling the love
I once felt within

A long time ago
it was stolen from me
the essence of life
woe be it to me

I claimed to see
but I saw my own sight
blind as a bat
on the darkest of nights

Battered by storms
adrift in the sea
I accused myself
of this iniquity

Each passing day
returned with new hope
searching with vigor
my faith is my boat

The thunder will pass
the clouds drift away
the light of new life
will shine one day

I knew it would happen
my heart still beats true
the darkness of life
left when I met you

You came into being
like a soft gentle breeze
changing me completely
making me free

With each passing day
knowing it to be so
I can only say

Master of Love

Once as the sun awakened the day
you stood by my side

a silence surrounded us
yet nothing was unspoken

gentle waves of fulfilling love
moved in a timeless presence

then with a parting thought
leading me where to go
the key to the source
was no longer a forgotten secret

Less Traveled Path

As the gentle rain hides the distracting noises about
my mind is set free to explore the less traveled path
in hopes of finding the resolve to my long and patiently awaited answer.

Many times, civilization after civilization, it has been much the same
but this period is a conclusion with a greater blend of the multi-dimensions.
As the remnants of darkness dissolve, a harness of light draws me closer
to the bountiful love reflected in every seed and star.

My eye is one with the focus of the ending which has no existence,
and a tear of joy falls to my feet revealing the last step of the path,
the path that leads to the beginning
as in the sea to the shore
the valley to the mountain top
the earth to the greater sun.
I know that I am home
and so you will too.