Gazer Dreams

When we see the sun of summer,
We gaze in delight,
Wondering… what is so great about this?
When we seem to be so happy….
Look up to what you might see….
Gaze until Dawn might rise
To see our lives just pass by
With the glory and freedom we might share of this joy
And memories forever.

Where Angels Glow

In silence
eyes closed
I look for a moment to the higher realms
where angels glow with joyous love

I hear the whisper of wings
gliding down through the levels of ether and matter
and with it waves of light gently fill the room
so intense are they that I float freely from my shell

Carried by the wind of an outstretched wing
I travel not far to a temple of angels
where crystal like waters wash my fears and troubles away
calming assurance restored I am quietly returned

Most thankful thoughts I send


Sit outside a while,
watching apples glow in patio light,
and let the crickets tell you all about God.
Let the peace of moonlight,
be the order of the universe,
and let Holy Darkness
feed your brittle soul.


Golden sphere of light
and mist like wings
surround my being tonight

my hands in prayerful mode
quieting thoughts with inner peace
as the bell sings tonight

a doorway opens
moving in a motionless way
they make a peaceful entrance

my past troubles fall away
and trueness stands strong again
as together we share in radiant love
for we speak from the heart tonight

A perfect day to die

Will be a day of quiet joy
when all that has been asked of me
has easily been given
when everyone who cares for me
can freely let me go
when I have known a life well-lived
besides that of my own
when what I leave knows greater peace
than what I was born into
when all my light’s been shown
and not until that perfect day
will I lie down
to die to this
to enter bliss
to call it all my Home