A Divine Intervention

Several years ago , I had a horrible accident. The car was totally wrecked, and to this day I believe that if not for my guardian angels and’ spirit guides I would not be able to write this.

It was a bright sunny day, about 3 pm on a weekday, minding my own business and doing only 43 mph on the turnpike. Suddenly out of nowhere a car from the south collided with my car. As this was occurring I felt a presence holding me back from hitting the windshield while the air bags were going off.. it was as if a hand or hands were holding me back to prevent further injury.

I felt a warm sense of being and there was a bright light shimmering around me as if saying it will be ok.. were here to protect you. I could almost feel someone holding me back and comforting me… to summarize, after we went to the auto pound to take pics of the car, lol and behold with no one around us, or trees, desert like setting at auto pound. 4 angels and a spirit guide appeared on the car hood with no trick photography. I’m not good enough to do that lol.. in fact it was developed at Walgreens.

So I know that day if not for the spirit guides and guardian angels I would not be here telling this story. I’m handicapped today, but thank god for his divine intervention.. with his angels and spirit guides. One worth note in our old house prior to the accident for about a year we had an apparition in our bedroom. I figured if it was evil it would have hurt me right away or tried too. But now I realize the apparition was my guardian angel or spirit guide being by my side for that horrible day the accident happened and after the accident we no longer had the apparition in the old house that i saw every night before the accident for a year floating on the left side of me in the bedroom.

So again I realized it was my guardian angel and or spirit guide watching over me. For that almost fateful day. So as the song says… BE NOT AFRAID.. for one never know s how or when an angel will appear!