The Guardian

Tears are falling….
Do not speak!
For I know I must return –
this earthly plane is no longer mine.
I hope I have helped you
My gifts are Peace and Love.

Once, you said you believed in my kind,
please….carry on believing and seeking.
You, my friend,
you have a special talent.
A talent sent to bring you fortune.
You will make it,
do not be discouraged.

As for me,
I will always be with you.
Forever at your door
forever helping and showing you the way.
Even though you cannot see me…
I am there.
Like the smell of spring,
the butterflies of summer,
the changing colors of autumn
and the diamond frost of winter.

Your belief in me,
brought us together.
Now I am fading…
no longer needed.
You have strength! You have power! You have LIFE!
Carry on as you mean to go,
Remember me….

One day we will walk the same steps
and you will understand.
At present,
sleep well and do not trouble.
You are special…believe that,
for I speak only the truth.
Dream and believe in what you see.
Occasionally, I will bring a scent –
you will realize I am close by.
If you happen to utter my name,
I will smile.
Reliving memories that I cherish.