An Entirely New Way of Living and Being

Unconditional love is going to propel the entire human race through a phase transition to an entirely new way of living and being…

In the collective consciousness of the human race is a new movement. It began as a tiny trickle from a hidden spring, but it is daily expanding in power and passion, becoming a mighty, expanding flood which is restoring innocence and washing away all the limitations of stress and judgment.

At the root of all emotions are just two – love and fear. Love heals; fear divides. Fear-based living leads to suffering, illness and death. A life dedicated to the Reality and the experience of love leads to joy, healing and life.

This choice between thinking, feeling and experiencing based upon love or fear is a great deal easier to make than is commonly supposed. It is, after all, just a choice, a simple choice, with unlimited consequences. When love is firmly in charge, when the feminine, Goddess energy guides the rudder of life, true progress begins and accelerates ever more quickly into the heart of perfection.

The Return of Ishani

Passion for life and the appreciation of beauty are the natural counterparts of a love-aligned existence. For the first time in long ages of the human, the female aspect of Christ, called Ishani, is returning to the Earth. When fully embodied here, the Ishani vibration of pure, unconditional love is going to propel the entire human race through a phase transition to an entirely new way of living and being.

When Ishani rules in every human heart, there will be no more sickness, no more death, no more sorrow, no more destruction for Mother Earth or any of Her creatures. All species will live in harmony, all of life will progress in unlimited expansion of love, joy and full human enlightenment. This is the At-one-ment, the full expansion and blossoming of Unity Consciousness for every human.

The Atonement is coming to all of humanity now. This is the dawning of completion of the labors of so many for so long; this is the age prophesied by every significant civilization in the history of our world. Today we stand on the threshold of fulfillment of the ancient dream. We need only enough dedicated workers to make the transition smooth for the human race.

This transition is coming, it is inevitable; the one remaining question is how many will enter the New Earth. Every human is going to be offered the chance to choose between the Life of immortality and the death that comes from the ego. Our job is only to provide this choice to all humans; it is not to decide for them how they will choose.

Ascension possesses the knowledge to heal anyone; there is nothing these techniques will not do for a soul that chooses innocence over the lies of the ego. The fruits of Ascension are unending joy, flawless clarity, infinite love, perfect health, complete alignment with the Holy Spirit.

It is imperative that this knowledge spreads quickly to all lands and peoples, fulfilling the ancient promise of Christ. This is the life dedication of every Teacher of Ascension; it is the guiding light of the flawless commitment of every Ishaya.

* Awakening Path
When was the last time you felt as free and innocent as a child? Deep within you is the source of all perfection, and you can touch that source once again. At last, you can realize the incredible nature of who you really are.

Traveler On The Path