The Sugar Maple Tree

The outstretched branches Of the sugar maple trees
Basking in the early spring sun
The breeze embracing the trees in a dance
I never thought of trees as having fun.
The buckets hang off the taps in the trees
While the line deliver the sap
One of so many gifts the trees give
What do we ever give back?
As the season progresses the lovely green buds
Become more visible everyday.
Until one morning you step outside
And they are opened in grand display.
Beautiful green leaves providing shade
Protection from the hot summer rays
Children are playing outside in their pools
Enjoying these wonderful days
A blanket spread under the shade of the tree
Where the dripping wet children will lay
While eating their lunch on the front lawn
They sit on the blanket and play
Their laughter, giggles and smiles
Making tomorrow’s memories today.

As the summer melts into autumn
There is a definite chill in the air
The sly subtle change of the season
Leaves with a colorful flair
If you look real close you will notice
A change in the light of the days
The green of the leaves are now changing
To a most beautiful color of maze
The yellow becomes more vibrant
When the mid-day sun is on high.
The sunrays shinning upon them
Creating a feast for the eye.

The maple trees dress in grand color
More sparkly then new wedding band gold
With the sunlight shinning right through them
It is wonderful sight to behold.

The color is turning to orange
The next color to follow is red
So brilliant it’s almost surreal.
They look more like rubies instead
As I look up from low of the valley
To the high of the hills that surround

Standing here ever so silently
Hearing a deep rhythmic sound
In the heart of creation I am part of
I fall to my knees on the ground.
I wish I could stay here forever
In this peacefulness that I have found.
Traveler On The Path