Angel Chart


Angel – Human Comparison Chart
Based in part on multidimensional observations
by David

  Angel Human
Origin of birth heart of God heart of God
Current home heart of God heaven and earth simultaneously
Type of being multidimensional spirit multidimensional spirit, with physical body
Approximate number of bodies that make up one being 12 13
Main ingredients used to make up one being Divine light Divine light, stepped down in vibration in physical body
Approximate age in earth time 14 billion years 14 billion years
Has wings some do some don’t no
Number of eyes 3; 3rd is inner 3; 3rd is inner, usually unawakened
Travels the universe, has been to other planets yes yes, in non-physical bodies but usually retains no memory while in physical body
Is in tune with the universe full time part time
Helps other beings full time part time
Can leap tall mountains yes yes, in non-physical bodies
Awareness of life in other dimensions 99-100% 1-45%
Has respect for all life 100% 0-96%
Has ability to communicate on all dimensions yes yes, usually unaware while in physical body
Has ability to be in more than one place at one time yes yes, usually unaware while in physical body
Has ability to walk the earth yes, usually does so on a non-physical level yes
Takes on a physical body 1 or more times rarely yes-often
Needs rest and relaxation yes yes-often
Needs to sleep no yes-often
Main diet Divine light Divine light; partly absorbed during sleep, from physical foods, and other sources
Suggested time off activity by hierarchy watch humans more watch for angels
Traveler On The Path