Join the multitudes

Cren01 Presently there are multitudes of individuals and groups working to bring peace to our Earth. They come from all walks of life, from different religious beliefs and can be found in any nation. It is written in the Heavenly Records (Akashic Records) of our Earth that everything from small personal conflicts to large global wars has been averted by the use of prayer. To visualize and send love where it is needed is a proper and karmically good action for all. It is with your help and the combined efforts of others that Loving & Lasting Peace will come into manifestation.

Let love fill your heart

Love from the heart of God is ever present, there for you to be a part of. When it fills your being you have an indescribable feeling of compassion… unconditional love for everyone and everything… an understanding of the completeness of all life. This is an actual state of consciousness that you can experience! It is what the great teachers of the Earth spoke of. Take a moment of each day to be thankful, call upon an Angel for assistance if you wish, and repeat the words..

My heart is overflowing with love I AM a radiant being of love

Visualize love flowing throughout your being and watch it change your life and the lives of those around you!

Does prayer really work?

Have you ever prayed for someone who had been taken to a hospital, emergency surgery was planned for that night, then suddenly the condition changed and the person was completely well and released the following morning?

That was the case when a friend of mine called and asked me to help her pray for a fellow worker. Both of us in our own homes sat at the same time before the planned surgery and prayed for his healing in accordance with God’s will. That is what I was taught… to pray that what takes place be in accordance with God’s will… that which is best viewed by the Universe as an outcome for the soul and not what I wanted to see, for there may be a different path that is right or planned. So why then even pray at all if the soul may already have a planned path? Because sometimes the soul has more than one option, by praying you are helping relieve or even transmute the condition, availing the soul to more easily take a different path … which may still not be what we want to see but may be proper for the soul’s growth.

I was also taught not to question whether a prayer worked or not, but to say the prayer and then move on with the day. When you say a prayer and afterward question or doubt it you could create an effect that nullifies it. Instead just let the prayer go and perhaps sometimes you will find that the person you prayed for will tell you how they suddenly felt better… that’s to help you understand that it does work and that your help was greatly appreciated by the Universe.

So, did the prayer that my friend and I said cause the release of her fellow worker from the condition? Apparently, he did heal and surgery may have also been a proper path. I do believe prayer was the cause of his release mainly because my friend experienced energy tingling in the same area of her body that the fellow worker had the condition. I like to think that there were other people praying and I’m certain there were angels assisting as well.

Do you need to know the name of a person you are praying for?
Nope .. and here are two examples that I experienced where I was later shown the people I had never known.

1. Before going off to sleep one night I said my usual prayers but I felt I had an excess of energy and wanted to put it to good use, so I said a prayer for a few souls in need of help in the area of Somalia, which was in the news during this period of time. My prayer partly included something like this: “I freely give forth the energies of my being to assist others in Somalia at this time… in accordance with God’s will it be done.” I mentally let go of the energy and sent it onward. A few evenings later I was unexpectedly shown in a vision a woman and her two children who, although they appeared nearly starved to death, were otherwise radiant and on their way back to good health.

2. I said prayers, as usual, one evening and then added one for the Middle East which was in the news during this period. It went something like this: “May God’s blessings be with someone.. some soul… who at this very moment is calling out for assistance… in accordance with God’s will it be done.” Again a few evenings later, I was unexpectedly shown the bottom half of a man wearing a robe. I knew he was the one who had received the prayer, but his face was not shown, which really isn’t important, but what is important was that these experiences were showing me that prayer does work in ways we usually never see.

Have there been times in your life where you felt to be at rock bottom and all of a sudden out of nowhere felt uplifted or things flipped to a positive outcome for seemingly no reason at all?
I surely have! I wonder how many times prayers have touched our lives from people we know and even from people, we don’t know who live somewhere far away. Prayer does make a difference!

During a deep meditation once I was shown the words I had used in a prayer. They were simple words that meant a lot to me and began appearing one after another. I could feel the strength they carried with them. You can make up a prayer with the simplest of words. If the words have a strength to you personally then they will be very effective. With right intent and pure love added you can surely assist the angels in their wondrous mission of love.

Prayer… even when spoken by one individual with the simplest of words added with pure unconditional love, could move an entire mountain!

The Universal Net

Angels were given the right to assist us in our journey to the source. They are a part of a vast network of spiritual, loving beings who can and will be at one’s side at a moment’s notice. Though it is has been said that sometimes you have to call upon the angels so that they may intervene, you do not have to call on them directly. By asking or praying to God/Universe for help, it may come by way of an angel. We may never see or hear angels when they assist us, and what we receive may be in part something we overlooked or not at all what we asked for or expected. You might say it is similar to how we may allow a child to learn life’s lessons, we may stand by watching over them as they find their way or give help to get through a difficulty, or when a child comes to us for assistance give our full devotion to the task.

Angels have also been known to completely heal an illness or problem in a person’s life. You might say that the lessons being learned by the individual and those around him or her had no need to continue.

Angels are so lovingly devoted to assisting us that at times some may even become caught up in our karma and have difficulty detaching so that they may better serve. It would be kind of us to return the love by saying prayers for them, to be free of human karma so that they may continue to do the service they so lovingly provide.

Angels and other spiritual beings far outnumber the inhabitants of this physical plane. They can be in more than one place at one time, not to mention if there is a need to assist us better, they can see where we have been and where we are going in our soul’s journey.

The internet is an amazing world of its own, and it’s unimaginable what it will be like in just a few short years from now. But the internet is a simple example.. a dim reflection.. of the universal order, the spiritual network, which has existed since the dawn of time.

Angel Chart


Angel – Human Comparison Chart
Based in part on multidimensional observations
by David

  Angel Human
Origin of birth heart of God heart of God
Current home heart of God heaven and earth simultaneously
Type of being multidimensional spirit multidimensional spirit, with physical body
Approximate number of bodies that make up one being 12 13
Main ingredients used to make up one being Divine light Divine light, stepped down in vibration in physical body
Approximate age in earth time 14 billion years 14 billion years
Has wings some do some don’t no
Number of eyes 3; 3rd is inner 3; 3rd is inner, usually unawakened
Travels the universe, has been to other planets yes yes, in non-physical bodies but usually retains no memory while in physical body
Is in tune with the universe full time part time
Helps other beings full time part time
Can leap tall mountains yes yes, in non-physical bodies
Awareness of life in other dimensions 99-100% 1-45%
Has respect for all life 100% 0-96%
Has ability to communicate on all dimensions yes yes, usually unaware while in physical body
Has ability to be in more than one place at one time yes yes, usually unaware while in physical body
Has ability to walk the earth yes, usually does so on a non-physical level yes
Takes on a physical body 1 or more times rarely yes-often
Needs rest and relaxation yes yes-often
Needs to sleep no yes-often
Main diet Divine light Divine light; partly absorbed during sleep, from physical foods, and other sources
Suggested time off activity by hierarchy watch humans more watch for angels

The Stone

I came upon a lonely stone
that caught my inner sight
looking like a mountain
it was so bright

It gave me a feeling of being alone
so I took it into my home
we each had what the other lacked
but soon the stone began to crack

Lonely I am but more I’ll be
if I’m not by the water
beneath the tree

So I took it to where it came before
built a new house along the shore
beneath the tree the stone would shine
and light my house for all of time