Finding Yourself In The Fear

There is an aspect of yourself, and of your life, that may seem to eat at you. It is the point at which your faith falls weak – where your trust in love and spirit are withdrawn.

You may notice this part of yourself strongly for it may offer you a good deal of pain and fear. This is where you feel deficient in your life as a person – where you perceive lack and/or experience conflict.

Do you feel at times that no one loves you? That no one understands? That you offend others? That others refuse to accept your individuality?

What is your fear? Where is your pain? What is that one aspect of yourself that seems to cause you grief over and over again?

This, my friends, is your own personal tunnel to your divinity. We have said before that by going into your fears you will come to the truth… the love… and the purity of who you are. This place of your being that we are discussing here is your ticket. It is the invitation for you to KNOW yourself. It is the path of pain and fear that brings you to complete truth. And it will be different for all of you, or at least unique to your subjective universe of SELF, for that is what you each chose before entering this particular incarnation and boarding this ride.

It is interesting, the way that your truest power can manifest as your greatest fear in your third dimensional reality. It is one of the greatest tricks of the universe. It is certainly a fabulous creation.

So, reflect now on what that is in your life that repeatedly brings you pain and fear. What is that one thing that continually causes you to doubt your true power? This, my friends, is here you have left yourself a little path to your true divinity. You have created a little trail of bread crumbs that leads you from this place of pain. And if you follow it with earnest, with hope, and with vision, you will see how it leads you perfectly to your greatest idea of self – to your most expanded state.

Let us offer an example. Suppose, for instance, that in your moments of great pain you always fear that no one loves you and that you do not belong. Let us follow that trail now. You see, this is a doorway your expanded self has left open for you to find your way back to your divinity. You can remember the truth of love so clearly from being in oneness, it has skewed your current understanding of it in this world. You *know* on every level of your being that in a state of oneness, you are loved beyond measure. The very fibers of your being KNOW that you belong in this universe, without a question. Unconsciously, you really do know the complete immensity and amazing breadth of this love. So what happened?

You have come into this world and forgotten the true beauty and amazement of your being. However, you unconsciously REMEMBER experiencing such divine levels of love and belongingness, that now you feel without. This feeling of lack, my friends, is a great illusion. It is a result of living in duality and dimming the lights. But it is not the truth.

Follow your fears and realize that they are showing you where you have created for yourself a path of remembering. Know that it is just a matter of perception. Allow your wound, your place of greatest pain, to lead you to your greater truth of yourself.

Do you feel that no one loves you? This is because you unconsciously remember a state of unfathomable love. Do you feel that others misunderstand you? This is because you recall an existence where you felt nothing but pure understanding. Do you feel that you struggle with power and equality in your relationships? My friends, you simply remember a state where there is nothing but complete equality, harmony, and balance.

Recognize the treasures waiting just beyond your fears. Trust that your expanded self is guiding your every move with love and compassion. Realize that when you feel lack, you are simply misinterpreting your profound awareness of abundance. Remember that you are a being of spirit….powerful beyond your own recognition.