The Stairs of Life

Walking on the stairs of life I come closer to the light with every step I make, closer to the purpose I chose when I entered this life. The times when I turned around and looked back to become aware of the depth of my past, the challenges I encountered, I was able to recharge myself with the progress that I had already made to continue my journey.

Supported with my box of tools, given to me when I started my journey, I became more skilled to travel the route into the unknown. My inner strength surprised me many times and life is teaching me everyday to use my gifts.

I have encountered steps of fear, loneliness, anger, loss and pain not always understanding why. I have tried to avoid them by taking more steps at once and found myself treading familiar steps until I learned to accept.

Acceptance and forgiveness rewarded me with love, beauty and gratitude and a glance in the library of life’s wisdom. I have travelled in the company of wonderful people, some guided me through difficult stages and for others I could be supporting. Both situations made me realise the importance of balance.

I make sure I take one step at a time with my eyes and heart open because I want to enjoy the magic that life has to offer me.
Love and Blessings,

Caroline Hofstede