I Believe In Ghosts

I have always had a strong intuition and a healthy link with the spiritual world ever since I was born. Ghosts and spirits lost on their path to the after life would come visit me and go, after watching me in my own happiness or being able to send out that one last message to the living realm. This was routine for me every day; some other worldly visitor would make themselves comfortable while I eased them. Whether it took me 5 minutes or 5 weeks, I would find a way to help these lost ones reach their final rest in the afterlife.

But none ever made an impact quite like the one that protected me for 6 months. He was the lost soul of a druid priest, no older than 20. Although I never did see his face head on, I could tell he was very handsome and noble. For some reason, whenever I saw him, he was weeping or sulking. Eventually, I figured it out. I was the reincarnation of his love during his lifetime. I did the best that I could to ease his pain and eventually, I let him rest on my bed with me and I gave him a kiss, which put his soul to ease and he was able to go on and rest happily in the heavens.

I remember him still, sitting in my room, weeping tears for the kiss he never got. I’m just glad that I could help and hope he’s on a better path now.

Traveler On The Path