Second Chance at Life

Recently I was in ICU and was told that my chances of making it were slim to none. I was in such pain that I actually begged god to take me so I could stop the pain.

All of a sudden a man with a blue aura appeared to me saying he had been the guardian angel for my family for generations. He told me he had loved me since the day I was born. He then informed me that I had the strength to get through this and he would be with me every minute to assure I would not give up.

Just as he promised he let me know I was not alone and if I could hold on just a little while longer I would be fine.

Well I made it and am on the mend, physically, at least. However I feel as if I am alone once again. I really need to know that everything I witnessed was not due to medications or something I convinced myself was real just to feel someone really cared and was watching out for me.

Is there a way to contact him one more time? If nothing more than to thank him and tell him how much I love him.

I need to know that I am not crazy, and somehow fill this empty space that seems to have been created since this life and death experience.

Traveler On The Path