Innocent Fun

Just the other day, I escaped the business of my daily life and sought refuge on the water front here in Montreal in an attempt to recharge my energies.

Taking advantage of a beautiful day, I walked along the long stretch of the Saint Lawrence River, as a way of my meditation routine. Whilst observing the birds enjoying their new spring my eyes fell upon the sight of a child and his grandmother playing. They were along together, enjoying that spring day. They were together with no attachment in between. That was all the experience of their moment together.

I sat down awhile watching and maintaining the thought of them in mind when a flash hit me. How beautiful the sight, looking at both souls in the way they were together with each other. The simplicity of that innocent child, with no awareness of any impact on his emotion, those may come as a result of life’s hurdles that await him. Then I looked at the grandmother at the same time. She was completely at peace with herself and the innocence of her inner child, which still prevails in her old age, was enough evidence to me to realize. Our age has no relevance upon being happy within. For me, that experience was really overwhelming!

Normally, I do not have the ability to see the aura that exists around people; however, I am able to feel it through my spiritual healing work. It was clear, the link that existed and the transfer of energies between them.

I gazed through that experience until a thought occurred in my mind, just where did we go wrong as human beings, in between these stages in life between childhood and old age? Why did we let go of our innocence whilst growing up?

We don’t get this habit through our life; regardless of how tough our experiences were when growing up. It seems, somehow during our time when growing up, we lost sense of the important essence of our journey throughout this lifetime and what it’s all about.

Yes, it’s unquestionable; we are here for these experiences, both good and bad in order to obtain the lessons, however, where comes the necessity to disregard or hide the child within us. We do not have to wait until we are elderly and preparing for our new journey in returning to spirit. Why wait to re-introduce the child when we assume nothing really matters at this point? It is never too late, whatever age we are at present, to introduce or bring back that innocent child within us.

I teach in my meditation classes the value of getting acquainted with the child within, specifically between the age of 6 and 9 years old. I believe by bringing that inner child into our environment from time to time allows us the opportunity to ‘let loose’ for a while and it doesn’t hurt! Also it is very important to get to know many things about yourself too. I am not implying that you live your life as a child would, only manifest and bring some joy to you when need to laugh and release some weight you carry through the journey of life.

Both the child and the grandmother looked at me and had a smile on their faces and somehow the ball from the child came towards me in a way of an invitation to join them. I had the privilege to do so and had a great fun with the experience. We did not speak much in the beginning if like words won’t matter anyway just enjoy the ride with a happy smile and have some innocent fun.

This experience added many questions into my mind later on while I continued my walk. One important question kept coming into my mind was that why don’t we have a very small break from all our busy schedules, our problems, work, daily routine or whatever is occupying us in reality and just have some little innocent fun with no string attached. I believe that fun can be shared between any two people together who enjoy each other’s company. It might bring them into a different level of understanding of each other.

I am going to leave you with that thought for the time being for you to try it for yourself. I will keep you posted on my progress in this experience because I do have many questions that occurred in my mind and still do not have the answers for. Why don’t you try to have some innocent fun after all? It might be what you need to have at the moment.
Be happy!!

Traveler On The Path