Join the multitudes

Cren01 Presently there are multitudes of individuals and groups working to bring peace to our Earth. They come from all walks of life, from different religious beliefs and can be found in any nation. It is written in the Heavenly Records (Akashic Records) of our Earth that everything from small personal conflicts to large global wars has been averted by the use of prayer. To visualize and send love where it is needed is a proper and karmically good action for all. It is with your help and the combined efforts of others that Loving & Lasting Peace will come into manifestation.

Let love fill your heart

Love from the heart of God is ever present, there for you to be a part of. When it fills your being you have an indescribable feeling of compassion… unconditional love for everyone and everything… an understanding of the completeness of all life. This is an actual state of consciousness that you can experience! It is what the great teachers of the Earth spoke of. Take a moment of each day to be thankful, call upon an Angel for assistance if you wish, and repeat the words..

My heart is overflowing with love I AM a radiant being of love

Visualize love flowing throughout your being and watch it change your life and the lives of those around you!

Traveler On The Path