Our Beautiful Mother

When I was in college I formed a desire to see the virgin Mary – I also saw the aurora borealis soon before this but that is just coincidence. I lived in Vermont at the time and came home to Massachusetts for the summer. Having had supper I sat on my bed indian fashion, legs folded, looking out into my tree lined backyard. I soon found myself gazing at the most beautiful wise looking brilliant loving being I have ever seen. She did not speak audibly to me but smiled a most benevolent smile I will never forget. She had a simple blue veil on her head. I am making her known because she is so loving and is very near to us humans-reachable at a calling of her name. If you need help and are helpable she is there for you. She will lead you to her son your lord Jesus Christ. And his face now I long to see.

Traveler On The Path