Somewhere Is Here

Manual For Maintaining The New World : Chapter 1
Envision the planet as pure energy, white light woven and swirling with earthy pastel colors, aquas, blues, greens, golds, pinks, a shimmering sphere. Laced across and around it is a fine network of black lines and dots. These are the cracks in our planet’s aura. These are energy leaks. They could crack open further, and spread, but we are capable of healing and sealing this web of black lightning. We can draw on all the light in the universe to focus through us, we can become laser beams of healing white energy, and we can gently penetrate the darkness, chase back the shadows, reveal the power of love. Then there will be no darkness. Everyone will live by the First Universal Law: you cannot determine anyone’s life but your own. The Second Universal Law is: while living by the first, you can determine your own life to be the most worth living that you can possibly imagine. The best possible. The best possible! This is the new world, dears. In this world we are all equally authentic, respectful, regarded, and responsible. In this world we are all seen by the color of our light or the melody of our being. In this world you can find the ones you want most to be with, just by letting your self listen, or sniff the invisible wind, or look into the dimension of intuition and attraction. In this dimension you have invisible wings. You can sit at your computer and send your energy to someone in between the lines of your email! You can lean back in your chair and close your eyes and lean through inner space and kiss someone on the cheek. If you feel that your kiss will be well received. Kisses usually are, when they are truly given.

If you feel like it, take a moment to listen to yourself. Are you ready to pull some universal light through you? Can you magnetize it into yourself, just the right amount, the kind that feels like love, and focus that love into a soft beam. Can you sweep that beam out from your heart… out to the whole planet… connect with all the other beams of light, crisscrossing colors of love, waving washes of saffron and lavender and rose around this planet that is now merging into one harmonious energy. There is no central authority. Every individual is self-sovereign. Every human being is safe in every part of the world. This is the quality of the energy you can focus, a reality of freedom and creativity and mystery and dance. A reality of exploration, restoration, innovation. There are no limitations to the magnificence you can experience. Like refracting flashes of crystalline colors, your energies and those of billions of others, yes, billions, are interacting and sparkling and generating the splendors of this new world, this promised realm. We promised this world to ourselves. We came here to help reveal it, and we are maintaining it, just by being our true selves.

Your true self shines. Your true self is a miracle worker. A time traveler. An inner space traveler. Your true self is capable not only of creating your experience, as the limitation was in the old world, but of creating your reality. There is no need or want. Someone somewhere has what you need, and someone else needs what you have. And since we now have mega-antennae, or are using our auric senses to magnetize our awareness to the receiver most aligned with the receiver we open ourselves up to be, we can all share in the abundance. Isn’t this exciting stuff? And doesn’t it just come so naturally once you notice that you are this expanded and free and creative? Isn’t it a dream come true? Heaven on earth? An unlimited arena of possibilities. A world intact, we notice as we descend through the clouds and fly low over herds of wildebeests and wild horses and families of kangaroos and whale pods. A world rich in its variety of forests and mountains and seacoasts and deserts. A world traveled freely by all of its inhabitants, most of whom are migratory, to one degree or another, but none perhaps so much as we human beings. We love to explore, to find a challenge, to learn a different dance, to speak another language, to be of service. Oh, the diversity is remarkable. After all, there are six billion different expressions of individuality in this family. There are so many colors and shapes and blends of bodies and clothing and interests, so many eager to learn, or to teach, or to trade, or to go on a journey with. There are those who love to provide food, and others who love to stay on the internet all day. Everyone knows what they want to contribute, and there is enough for all. It seems like a miracle, but that’s what we promised ourselves when we came here, each and every one of us. Each and every one of us is a self-healer. Every one of us knows where to turn. Every one of us knows when to turn. Every one of us is as needed as we want to be, or as giving, or as retiring, or as forward, or anything and everything, as it becomes us.

When you look at anyone else, you will see so much to love that you will find you’ll want to size yourself and magnetize yourself to some number of others to love – which could be the entire world population, or it could be two hundred people, or two dozen, in varying degrees of fullness, or two, and that could fluctuate. I myself have found a comfortable, even flow, all within about the same degree of connection, with about a dozen people. They fill up all of me, except for the part that is shared exclusively with one special connection, and which part is not a separate compartment, but a subtler intensity or pervasive quality in between my atoms, a frequency that is matched only by this one person and yet becomes a part of the frequencies I share with everyone else, and with the planet, including every living thing on it, which is everything, as we now know.

What will we be eating, you want to know? Our bodies, in this opened state, know exactly what they need, and they communicate their needs to us with an appetite. What is it you are hungry for? Your eyes will look around, and see it, whether it’s a wild herb or a venison steak on legs or a leafy red beet. Oh, man, you mean there’s no McDonald’s here? Well, I don’t know about that. It’s your reality, too. If there are enough of you that really want to spend your days behind the counter of a McDonald’s, and enough of you that want to mass slaughter cattle, and enough of you that want to run flour mills that crush the nourishment right out of those beautiful grains, well, I guess you’ll reap what you sow and more power to you. I can’t empower you, you know. It’s that First Universal Law again. You have to choose to empower yourself. You have to want something enough to make it happen, and then it will. I do, too. I have to want something enough to make it happen. However, I find that I don’t want anything to happen that wouldn’t be comfortable for whoever else is involved. I am only happy when everyone I relate to is comfortable with the way I’m relating to them. If they ask me for more of who I am, and I am comfortable with giving it, I do so happily. If they are happy with what they get, and I’m finished giving, I stop relating, but if I’m not finished giving, I can give into a virtual bank account of gifts, and if the one the gifts were meant for becomes receptive, they will be there, ready for the giving. If that one is not receptive, and there are others who are, and the gift wasn’t meant for only that one alone, then I can generate it into the environment. If it was meant for just that one, then… what do I do with it then? Well, I don’t know. That hasn’t happened yet. Every gift has been well received. I guess I knew they would be. They’re all composed of love.

Traveler On The Path