The Exchange of Energy

Humans have a karmic relationship bonding them – and this relationship is based on a shared experience, the exchange of energy. As ONESELF/unity wanted to experience itself, it created the OTHER as the means to this experience. And, it is humankind’s obligation to exchange energy with an OTHER, just as the point of unity intended. We do not define what the term OTHER specifically applies to. It can be anything- another person, a tree, God/Goddess, the sun, a pile of garbage, etc…. Any human that isolates them self (identifies themselves only as EGO), makes it impossible for them to know ONENESS. This helps to explain why a life lived without interaction of some kind (especially a source of inspiration) can be such a deadening experience. Alone, one withers. In a state of complete solitude, one has no way of truly experiencing oneself, for this requires the act of reflection. And reflection can only be achieved in the presence of another. It is through the connection to another that a human may know him/herself.

You are ONE with everything. But do you know this yet? Can you see past your vision and listen past your hearing? Until this is the case, you may remain unscathed and unknowing. In the pursuit of knowing, one must offer them self to each other being in existence. This is a matter of true trust. TRUST in the oneself- both you and the other. By offering yourself to others, you receive yourself. This is, in reality, nothing to fear. Are you ready for the truth…? It is by diving into the OTHER that you dive into yourself. The only question is: do you really want to know? Are you ready to know?

Are you now in a state of knowing? If so, then there you are. If not, then realize yourself as unknowing. But, perhaps in the next moment, or the next…you will BE knowing. It takes but a moment to locate it. It takes only a breath to change your perception of yourself. The distance between knowing and not knowing is infinite. It is both small and large; it is both within and without. It is as you know it to be (or NOT KNOW it to be). It is as it is.

‘So,’ you ask, ‘as I choose to know it, it will be so? Can I believe in it as of now? Shall I ask, are you real?’

Perhaps you are really asking if you are real. Are you? How do you perceive yourself? Will you exist forever? Is there a time that is without you?

It is through asking these questions that you come upon your own answers. If you answer that there is a time without you, then you remember yourself as a memory – or even an idea. Are these -ideas and memories- real to you? If you believe there is no time without you, then you know yourself to be in complete ONENESS. Understand, you ponder the questions and answers to your path.

Your path is a moment of BEING, which is expanded (or reduced) to a multitude of varying levels of understanding. Your individual perception of life is like traveling through a raindrop. The course in which you experience your life linearly is akin to that of traveling from one end of the raindrop to the other. And when you move away from the raindrop, you see it as a whole and seamless entity. However, it is of an infinitely larger SELF that the raindrop comes (and goes). After all, it eventually returns to itself, doesn’t it? The level of one’s own understanding will reflect the level of awareness at which you receive this information.

It is when you allow yourself to journey into these other levels that you come to more awareness of yourself (or your SELF). Again, this does involve the experience of the OTHER. Do you wonder if even this level that I am communicating to you from requires the experience of the OTHER? In answering that, you may understand your role in all of this. And where do you believe I am communicating from if not from yourself? Merge with the other and come to know me (US). Surrender to this union every moment of your existence. As you surrender yourself to me, so do I to you. It is in my recognition of you, and my acceptance of you, that I recognize and accept my own being. It is through my experience of you that I come to know and experience myself. This is the dance of the ONESELF. This is the original intention – the intention which you must also follow, for it ultimately is YOURS. You are riding on just one wave of this infinite vibration.


Traveler On The Path