The Light

Hours before a N.D.E. (Near Death Experience), I was talking with a friend, suddenly, I could not see his face as there was a ball of pure light right in front of me. I had time to tell him to be quiet, then I was pulled, faster and faster through a tunnel, which was rotating. Later, thinking back, I feel it was Angels holding hands as they spun. The light became a pinpoint, then as I approached, it became a beautiful old man who welcomed me to visit. I saw self, and two siblings as innocent children, playing in a golden field and a wise woman told me that the house of God is God himself, that we are but pieces of him and get to rejoin at the end of our journey on earth, and I was told that God deals in love/mercy, not vengeance. Not Fear. It was a wonderful happening, so fast!!! I came back and have had Peace in my heart since! It was at least 12 hours later that I had a major heart attack and was declared dead for a few moments, and I could see/hear all the Dr.’s/nurses from above the hospital room. I have heard of this kind of thing,but to my knowledge,it does not usually happen so many hours before an event. Would like feedback if possible.

Of course, had flying dreams until in my 30’s and remember often playing with flying objects of light, which I thought was people.

Traveler On The Path