Through the mouth of a child

At the age of 4 my daughter Mackenzie came running out of her bedroom after being tucked into bed…she was yelling, “Mommy, I just heard a sparkling vwooosh and a big feather wing brushed my face”! The next morning she awoke telling me it was her angel.

Over the next few years she would tell me all of the messages the angels would tell her. She spoke of seeing angels of people and animals and why they were coming to her.

Of all of the stories, the one that has stayed with me is a message from an angel. The angel told her that we are all here on earth for a reason. We have a purpose. We can not grow in heaven. That is why some people suffer, it is their job to endure that and find strength within themselves. She went on to tell me that is why some people lose their babies or have cancer.

The most fascinating explanation for me has changed the way I look at passing on(dying). She said no one ever dies, we just pass on to heaven. When those on earth stop grieving for us while we are in heaven, we are allowed to move on to new bodies and start all over again. That is where old souls come from.

Mackenzie is 12 now and occasionally hears a whisper, but since she is so busy learning she is taking a break from her angel connections until her late teen years. That is what she told me.

The words of my child completely changed my spiritual and religious beliefs.

Traveler On The Path