What is Passion?

I hold to the Universal Belief that Passion, the Elixir of Life, is a Gift of Grace that lays dormant in all children from each of The Great Mystery’s Kingdoms. Passion can only be ignited by an unseen and divine touch in response to those souls who have come to understand that anything is possible.

These are souls who choose to be endowed with ethereal wisdom which activates and actualizes luminosity for all those sharing space within The Great Mystery’s Kingdom.

Magnificent, sometimes mystical souls, they witness during their lifetime that the greater good is constantly being assaulted, challenged and threatened by man’s greed, ignorance and lack of benevolence for the kingdoms gifted to us through Grace, yet still they fearlessly choose to engage these challenges in order to raise the awareness, which induces luminosity.

Most who do not fancy themselves as being “passionate” often recognize, for the better or the worse, “Passionate Souls”, as the ones who, society labels “activists”.

“Activators” should be the preferred label for this archetype, as these are the heroic souls who have awakened to the understanding that their specialized gifts are needed to solve humanity’s plethora of problems, such as hunger, homelessness, apathy and illness which cause so much ceaseless disconnection.

They are enlightened souls who passionately wish to end this disconnection.

Such souls are visionaries, alchemists, as they wish to brew a mystical alchemy that will raise the awareness that societies need to forge a precognitive and collaborative plan before Mother Earth reaches her “Tipping Point”.

Sadly, such souls also seem to face some form of discrimination not unlike the discrimination forged by a cast system, as many of these noble souls too often seem to be either temporarily or permanently held back by insufficient titles, monies, connections, or an outright lack of recognition of their gifts.

Some activators, like Jane Goodall, Ghandi, Mother Teresa, the Dali Lama and Crazy Horse passionately but passively voiced their messages to others through writing sermons, engaging social media, or facilitating enlightening discussions at organized gatherings and sacred ceremonies.

In these forums, these activators used the spoken or written word, songs, chanting, meditation, or rituals to open hearts and focus attention. They remind us that needed changes manifest through a righteous power graced to all by apologizing and forgiving the Self.

Other activators, like Martin Luther King, Malcom X and Ric O’Berry engaged a more intense form of passion to heighten awareness needed to actualize the changes sorely required to heal that beyond which most others cannot see.

These activators passionately, boldly and overtly organized protest marches; used social media, presided at assemblies and lectures where their passionate messages demanded the need for laws to be constructed and ratified to prevent an “inevitably epic collapse”.

Each of these visionaries are archetypes who made the choice to walk passionately and fearlessly in Grace, as they raise awareness, despite encountering overwhelming and sometimes, deadly challenges. Passion played a vital role in their lives, as they “hit the walls” built by these challenges.

Passion is like an eternal flame which, having been ignited within each of these visionaries, never ceases to bring each of them Light in their darkest moments.

Visionaries recognize the biggest enemy which blocks the manifestation of needed changes is apathy. So with ongoing spoken or written words, or with passive or aggressive actions, they tirelessly move forward with passion-filled but also humble hearts as they remind us that major reforms are necessary, and that even the smallest of compassionate actions can bring about good.

Visionaries have often made it their personal mission to remind us of the value of random acts of kindness, encouraging grassroots activities, buying fair trade products which make the lives of people better even in the poorest of circumstances, signing petitions and volunteering our time or skills to those in need.

Has Passion always been the unseen and sometimes indefinable force motivating these visionaries? Does each of them understand they have always done the best they could for our world, and all sentient and non-sentient beings residing here? And when the time comes for each of them to return Home once again, do they know they will experience peace as a reward for all their work?

Do they know their life’s work did help to make manifest the differences for their world, and ours, which will have the lasting positive results they prayed for, for many generations to come?

As for me, I do believe in the Power of Passion.

Mimi Haigh is a high school special education English teacher and examiner in Kingston, Massachusetts, as well as a certified Reiki Master and practicing intuitive empath.

Currently, she is completing her first book, Journey Such As This, which contains wondrous reflections of the cascading waves of grace she has experienced while practicing mindfulness, awareness, and understanding. This practice renews, transforms, and opens her heart to the spiraling “Pillars of Light”, of The Great Mystery which is the source with whom she co-creates the words she pens in her book.
Traveler On The Path