A Lighthouse In The Distance

At this point in time I am just a stowaway
sailing hopelessly aboard the ship of fools
adrift upon the desolate sea of silence
in search of the end of this lonely world
I am not able to fully interpret my dreams
as my future is haunted by harsh torrents
rippling throughout the realm of my mind
All the battles I have intrepidly endured
during these years of my inner solitude
help me on my journey to one day discover
the peaceful shores of everlasting love
The sparkle in your eyes gives me strength
to brave the mercilessly relentless storms
thrusting waves over my starboard bow
The sounds of serenity through your voice
disperse the clouds to reveal my horizon
while calming the rough waters around me
Every promise you bestow upon my heart
hoists my mainsail to unforeseen heights
giving me a reason to complete my voyage
If you only knew how much you mean to me
you are an angel of the light most pure
that I feel heaven must undoubtedly miss
I will commit to change my aimless course
no longer to float without a destination
as I now see a lighthouse in the distance