Absence of a Father’s Love

Oh Father how I love you so,
I never got the chance to show,
Gone so soon, full of sorrow,
Uncertain about all my tomorrows,

I prayed every day just to see your face,
To feel your love, warmth and a sweet embrace,
When night time comes, I’m frantic as ever,
I’m faced with so much terror,
Oh Father you will never know,
The love which buckles up inside of me,
That I need to show how I love you so,

I will never understand, why you left,
So many times I am so depressed,
But I never stopped loving you,
What reasons you have, remorse or any regrets?
Did you ever want me, or did you even care,
Did you even bother, or just pretend I was never there,

I’m all grown up now; I wish you were here,
So many unanswered questions still floating in the air,
I love you father, with all my heart,
And hope some day, you’ll walk my path.
Traveler On The Path