Angels of God

Angels of God are calling you
Are you listening?
Angels of God are near you.
Can you feel their breath in your ear
and feel the tickle of their feathers on your face?
Hear them calling your name?

Angels of God are with you when you feel alone
with blue eyes bright and yellow light
pink hearts that glow and beat gently through the night
of the soul and through the dark there is light

Angels of God are surrounding you
See them with newly opened eyes
feel them with a new awareness that you didn’t know was there
in your heart and in your soul–they are there, they are there…

Angels of God are keeping you safe, lighting the way,
guiding you, leading you to a new truth
of your purpose here on earth where you can live
in peace and love and harmony and experience
and live each moment in a new found way

They want you to know that the light of God is within you
Look inside and you will see the flame
that’s there to guide you, comfort you, and
when you see it, you will be forever changed.

Angels of God are with you each and every day.
Traveler On The Path