Body and Soul

Tortured soul that rules the night,
removes the color from my sight.
Red is gray and black is white,
but, who decides what is right?

Lonesome body on an ending flight,
is this destiny, just one last fight.
A ray of hope, a sliver of light,
but, who decides what is right?

Forgotten feelings burst onto the scene,
exploding with colors restoring ones dreams.
I plea to thee, let me see, let me have sight,
but, who decides what is right?

The soul now aflame the body afire,
one torn into two, with different desires.
Tides of passion attack both day and night,
but, who decides what is right?

Of body and soul I cannot deny,
united together, one destined to die.
It will occur in one last fight,
but, who decided what is right?

* * * *

The heart races forward adrenaline flows forth,
the mind coldly says, best choose the right course.
Is the suffering not seen, have the cries gone unheard,
where are you oh lord, have I forgotten your word.

I’ve tried to explain my feelings to thee,
there is much more to say, so help me, please.
Has it been so long, have I forgotten how to feel,
my offering to you is this begotten ordeal.

Traveler On The Path