C-D’s Spinning In The Air

CD’s Spinning in the air, reflecting rainbows everywhere spinning dancing in the breeze, making rainbows with such ease.

Looking up to the sky at the beautiful blue -here comes a cardinal who flies into view, and low and behold who’s trailing behind a sweet little chickadee getting in line. Straight to the feeder they light and they share feeding with rainbows dancing in air.

My heart it does patter and pound with delight at such a wonderful beautiful sight. There’s red, orange, yellow to, now there’s green all over you, changing to a pretty blue, indigo and violet to.

CD’s spinning in the air how pretty they are in your hair, and as they glide across your face it’s done with perfect grace.

Now they’re dancing on the ground, I swear I can hear the sound of their music play in my ear, hi diddle -hi diddle- hi diddle -Dee -dee. The pure notes their sending their sending to me. A smile comes across my face, what a beautiful blessed magical Space.

*An explanation as to why CD’s would be spinning in the air, is that I have out by the bird feeder a couple suspended from the tree and they throw rainbows around the area I sit at.