Distant Eyes Gazing Forward

Until Our Gazes Meet

My Distant Blue Eyes
Which sparkle when I smile
Which hopes to meet my gaze one day
And lock into mine at least for a while

What are you doing to me?
Spinning me around like a pedal in a lake
With those words of kindness
How much more can I take?

Your words pound against my peaceful heart
Your laughter lingers like the smell of perfume
Your image is like a dream in my mind
I wonder whether my heart has the room

Separate worlds, yet the same desires
Many miles away and yet so close in thought
Relying on our Father to lead the way
Feeling entwined in a tight embracing knot

You are an amazing soul
The candle in your heart is so bright
You deserve what you are seeking
Your gift is an incredible sight

Wherever your journey may lead you
Know that you have found a friend forever more
My desires for your happiness will remain
Long after my eyes have left yours

Distant Eyes you typed one day…
My friend you asked would I be…
Sharing your dreams in black and white
Taking in every word deeply within me…


Can you here my voice…My Distant Blue Eyes?

Jenny Robles
Brown Eyes
~Inspired by Minnesota~