If I Were A Rainbow

If I were a rainbow this is were I’d be sitting high in the sky with sun shining through me. With gray clouds behind me from the rains that have passed bye. Looking down on Gods creation with colored tears that fill my eyes.

These tears are vibrant colors of many different hues; all vibrating at different rates each one will affect you.

I can arch across the sky in a colorful display, and other times on walls I’ll dance around and play. The colors that are shown you will heal your inner soul and also bring your body back to balance and make you whole.

If I were a Rainbow you could see me from your door, or looking out your window as you may have done before. But one thing I can promise I’ll never look the same, each one is an original no need sign my name.

Sometimes I’ll arch across flatlands other times the plains, or maybe jump a canyon or a beautiful mountain range. If you ever want to see me, I’ll always be so near no further then a garden hose, or a tiny tear. A spider web in the morning with dew drops set there on. All I need is sunlight to turn my colors on. As long as there is sunlight, even a crystal will do just hang one in a window where the sunshine can shine through. Then I will paint a rainbow on your wall that’s just for you. To let you know I love you and will your whole life through.

No matter what your color, no matter what your race, rainbows aren’t prejudice they love all in Gods space.
Traveler On The Path