Ears of Corn

The ears of corn dance like candles in the wind Flickering and swaying A sense of peace runs through me Like that I feel when praying Nature represents freedom The freedom of our mind Be still, set it free The answers are there for us all to find Turn your thoughts within To that you hold sacred and dear Feel the joy in your heart And the bitter sweet sting of a tear The contrast of emotions Is for us all to learn On this, life’s great journey Before we return home Look at things with new depth Absorb the sounds you hear Feel their wondrous vibration As you tune in, it becomes more clear Those ears of corn, that dance in the wind Are free, flowing and graceful All as one, never alone Of others, we should remain mindful Love with all your heart, don’t hold back There’s nothing to lose For should it get broken some day That was your plan and something you did choose Whatever your plan, whatever your lesson Be like those ears of corn Always swaying, moving, changing From birth to death, until reborn