Faith, Hope and Taking Chances

Some men search for it all their lives.
Some look a long time, some look a short time.
Some choose not to look for it at all and thus lose hope and faith in life.
All of us want it, yet some will not take the chance to find it.
For them, the risk means pain and that is a price they will not pay.
It finds all that take the chance to look for it.
Once found, a wise man pays the price to keep it.
For the true kind is the best and the one worth all the risk.
Once found, it will bring pure joy, add hope, chase away all doubts and fears, and bring light to the dark.
And it does not ask for a thing.
The warmth it gives can be spread – a gift to all that will take it, and share it.
It can bond all men as one, if they let it.
It has the strength to end all wars, stop plagues and droughts.
What a shame that all the world does not know it, for it will share with young and old, rich and poor, black and white.
The risk is so small, and the gain is so great.
Yet some are still blind to its ways.
What a day it will be – When the whole world finds love.

Teri Leigh Teed
Traveler On The Path