Fall is creeping upon us, and winter will soon be here.
The nights are down to 40 degrees and colder.

Gazing around the countryside, there is evidence of the dying leaves, fading flowers, and plants gone by.

Sadness comes over me to see the beauty fading way.

Then I ask!

If it were always to be spring and summer would the appreciation be as great as it is now?

I think not!

As mere mortals most of us have a tendency to take things for granted,

It is just the way we are and how we choose to see things.

Then I realize that winter will come in spite of my melancholy mood, and as winter sets in I will find the beauty that accompanies this season as well.

There will be Fir trees laden down with the freshly fallen snow,

And the sunlight reflecting off them.

Looking like billions of glittering diamonds scattered all about.

The beauty will be found, for each season has it’s own special characteristics as does everything.

So, smile and say farewell to the leaves, flowers, and all the marvelous plants as they prepare for a long winters rest,

And most will return next spring,

When the cycle begins again.

Then we may feast our eyes and fill our senses with their incredible fragrances and colors,
as we watch them dancing in the fields with the wind, and playing with the sunlight.

And I will sit in meditation in the middle of a field of wild flowers, until I become intoxicated with the beauty,

Giving thanks to my creator for allowing me this wonderful experience, being a part of this thing we call life.!–mep-nl–