Forgive Me Lord

I humble myself today dear Lord,
And fall upon one knee;
I ask that You fogive my sins,
And guide my weary feet.
Forgive me for being weak,
When I should have been strong;
And for the times instead of doing right,
I chose to do wrong.

Forgive me for the times,
I wandered and walked astray;
Also for the mornings, evenings,
And nights I failed to pray.
Forgive me for being bitter,
When I should have shown love;
And for the times instead of forgiving,
I held onto a grudge.

I’m in need of your assistance,
Lord please have mercy on me;
I ask that You extend Your kindness,
Througout my family.
Heal my wounded faith,
And comfort my broken soul;
Strenghten my heart and my mind,
Oh Mighty and Glorious God.
In Jesus name, Amen.